Oh, Those Rumours!

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

While we attend events like the Digital Place-based Advertising Association’s Digital Media Summit and the Digital Signage Investor Conference to editorially cover them as well to meet and network with those working within the industry, it’s inevitable that we come up with a rumour or an unannounced fact or two from our loyal readers.

To that note, some of the following came up on our radar, although we haven’t heard anything official about any of them yet:

  1. Do you know what company has just been awarded the John Wayne Airport advertising account?
  2. Do you know what company will be announcing some major news in the fitness sector before year-end?
  3. Do you know what European-based company will be opening a San Francisco-based office in Q2, 2013?

We do, and so will you, soon.

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