Interactivity & The Rules of Engagement

Guest Contributor, Lisa Goldstein

After our successful launch event in September, The Screen Amsterdam will be holding another special breakfast briefing session on 7th November 2012, ‘Interactivity & The Rules of Engagement’ at Eye Amsterdam.

Digital media installations are now beginning to use interactivity. With the advent of augmented reality, social media, QR codes and mobile integration; interactivity looks set to become an add-on for DOOH advertising campaigns.

An ever expanding digital opportunity for targeting and engaging consumers directly, means brands and advertisers can start to look to interactivity to enhance engagement, deliver better data & drive more memorable campaigns.

The morning event will study some of this year’s innovative interactive digital out-of-home campaigns – assessing the techniques employed, the technologies used and the overall media & campaign effectiveness.

Attendees will hear brief presentations from key players in across the industry and will have the opportunity to network and discuss the points raised.

Speakers will include :

  • Eric Kramer, CEO at MEC
    Eric will be talking about how interactivity and social media is changing the advertising landscape
  • Stefan Hawes – General Manager at Blast Radius
    Stefan will cover some high profile examples of mobile integration across digital out of home campaigns.

Date: Wednesday 7th November 2012
Time: 9am – 12pm

To register click here.

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