Wow! What A Week That Was!!!

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Given enough time a post like last Saturday’s ‘The Week Ahead‘ is something we would love to be able to write on a more regular weekend basis – so much happened that we think you will agree that this past week did NOT disappoint.

Let’s quickly recap what we saw…

  • EnQii announced a new chairman and a big, big win for them in Australia (we believe that they have a big QSR deal in the pipeline as well and it’s surely only a matter of weeks now before that will be announced)
  • STRATACACHE made a couple of announcements at NRF – there weren’t any acquisition announcements (again though we believe a couple are done or close to being finalised) BUT there’s actually a lot more to their Intel and audience measurement announcements than meets the eye (and we will be covering that in more detail in a separate post shortly).
  • As David Weinfield wrote in our comments “a great partnership for both Danoo and Trofie” was announced, he added “Danoo gains a huge footprint in airports and a partner that has a wealth of advertising sales and out-of-home media experience”
  • There was no comment from Titan on the continuing use of CoolSign or not with their CTA business AND whilst CoolSign won’t be creeping into our list of this year’s Top Ten Digital Signage vendors we are expecting big things from them this year.
  • It was ADCENTRICTY and not Posterscope who reacted to the week before’s launch of Neo Advertising’s BookingDOOH with their own DOOH Planning And Buying Tool called ADVenue BUT Posterscope were still busy this week with the rollout, via their Hyperspace division, with their Goo The Egg creative for Cadbury deployed in the UK via some very interest JCDecaux Innovate hardware and software (note this was easily our most popular story of the week by far)
  • Exterity refused to confirm their (alleged) tie up with signagelive but give it a few weeks and you will be able to see the results of their partnership for yourself on their booth at ISE, Amsterdam. Signagelive themselves continued to make work and seemingly annoy (don’t ask cos’ you just wouldn’t believe it) with rollout announcement after rollout announcement (we say “good luck and keep ’em coming!”)
  • True to form, Pixman Nomadic Systems announced jointhewave, a rather obsequious welcome to President Elect Obama and yet at the same time actually quite a nice way for them to demonstrate their new Tribal Cast Service.

And if that wasn’t enough we saw the TRULY SPECTACULAR flame out of US and UK hair dressing salon network i-vu !!!

The administrators were called into i-vu on 13th January.

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