1-2-1VIEW ‘Viewership Validation Technology’

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

1-2-1VIEW, one of the digital signage companies we tipped you to watch in 2008 is saving up a lot of (its) announcements for ISE in Amsterdam later this month but we can tell you now that there will be a big announcement of a new network powered by them in Spain.

They have also just established an office in the US in Salt Lake City, Utah and on the back of the deployment in Spain we expect them to have a fixed European head office presence in Q1 or Q2 2008 also.

In Amsterdam we are INCREDIBLY interested in seeing exactly what their ‘Viewership Validation Technology’ is all about.

We understand that it is basically an accountability tool that provides accurate data on how many people actually look at screens and for how long – provide advertisers (if it works) with much sought after viewership data.

The ISE show is in Amsterdam from 29-31 January 2008

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