Spafax Networks Selects Nielsen For Better Metrics

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

New York-based Spafax Networks is planning to redefine out-of-home digital advertising capabilities and to push the discipline to new levels with a new offering designed to track and measure commercial messages to today’s always on-the-go consumers.

The new initiative, in which Spafax Networks teams with Nielsen’s On-Location reporting service, will provide standardized metrics for the buying and selling of digitally powered outdoor marketing messages.

“Nielsen’s ability to measure the impact of on-location digital messaging enables us to build our products with a level of standardization and verification seen with other media types,” says Patrick Bonomo, executive vice-president, Spafax Networks, in making the announcement. “As advertisers and media agencies seek to break down the silos between screens, this service helps us bring new solutions for inventory opportunities to market.”

Spafax Networks was founded earlier this year as the media specialist division of Spafax, the branded content and publishing arm of tenthavenue. Its role is to capitalize on the potential of measured, cross-channel, multi-screen media opportunities to reach consumers through relevant content at the right time and the right place along their consumer journey.

“We see third-party audience measurement as a critical baseline to the products we’re developing along with the ability to serve messages with tracking and reporting in near real time,” says Rupert Day, tenthavenue’s Global CEO.

Day and Bonomo agree that, in the future, the development of a common currency with other media will drive adoption of emerging media offerings.

“We see great potential for aligning out-of-home screen experiences not only with digital budgets but also with screens inside the home and handheld devices,” says Bonomo.

Paul Lindstrom, senior vice-president, Nielsen, says, “Our vision has always been to integrate the On-Location data into external video-based planning and buying tools. We are thrilled to be included in the Spafax Networks system as a benefit for Nielsen measured clients.”

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