Send For The Mexorcist @JCDecaux_UK

Andrew Neale

Unless we are missing it, we haven’t seen very much Halloween content up around London – cue, dozen’s of stories to hit our editorial desk before Wednesday, Ed – but we did spot this one up on Friday at Victoria Station…

First of all, the Transvision showed a gloomy graveyard, inscriptions on the gravestones read, ‘RIP beans on toast’, ‘Here lies toad-in-the-hole’ and ‘RIP pasta bake’ and then suddenly a skeletal hand shoots out of the earth holding an El Paso wrap!

At that time the screen changes to that shown above.

The campaign, we believe, was booked with JCDecaux through Posterscope and Carat (the advert was a national campaign across JCDecaux’s Transvision network).

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