A Built-In Solution To Support Apps

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Following months of testing the mobile solution, Helpshift has now gained a $3.2 million round of seed financing, led by True Ventures and Nexus Venture Partners, with contributions from a number of private angel investors.

Helpshift was founded by Abinash Tripathy and Baishampayan Ghose a year ago to address what they considered an underserved market in customer service in the Mobile sector.

The money will support a soft launch of Helpshift’s mobile-focused SaaS solution, which aims to be ‘the first embedded support desk for native apps’, allowing developers to capture device information from their users so that they can troubleshoot problems quicker and more effectively.

Helpshift’s goal is to enable businesses and development teams to be able to fix issues” by offering built-in, self-service features.

To do so, Helpshift provides a native self-development kit (SDK) that integrates with mobile apps to offer an ‘in app’ customer experience that remains true to the look and feel of the app. Its support screens can be customized to match the app’s visual style and is designed, to be instantly searchable and available when a device isn’t connected to the network.

Today, the solution offers support for iOS and HTML5 and will add Android support in early November.

In addition, the startup provides users with in-app mobile messaging functionality, enabling companies to communicate with their customers via short messages in a familiar chat-style. Device-specific diagnostics and screenshots can be sent inline within these messages, allowing customer service reps to address issues in realtime from Helpshift’s dashboard.

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