Exhibitors Show Their Support 4 #CETW

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Despite the harsh conditions in New York caused by Hurricane Sandy that has caused two exhibitors to pull out of Customer Technology Engagement World in New York Nov. 7-8, we’ve had notes from other exhibitors determined to show up, perhaps as much in support of the city and for Lawrence Dvorchik, CETW general manager, and his team, as what they will get from the trade show and its accompanying educational sessions.

David Wilkins, president and CEO of X2O Media, Montreal, tells us: “At this point, we’re still planning to exhibit. CETW has traditionally been a very good show for us. It’s also our small way of showing support to New York as it gets back on its feet. We’re hopeful the rest of the attendees feel the same.”

Stuart Armstrong, president of the Americas for ComQi, says, “Lawrence Bravo! I live in NYC and I can tell you that the City is quickly getting back to normal operations. My apartment is just down the avenue from the Javits and everything looks just fine there.

“I just got into my office on 26th street with no issue. Yes, folks are suffering due to Sandy and many aspects of the City such as flooded subways will take a few more days to get back to normal, but if you want to really help NYC and the people here … DON’T pull your support. Come to CETW, spend your money and enjoy yourself. If you think staying away is a good thing, you don’t understand the attitude of us here in NY, NJ and CT.”

And Dvorchik himself says, ”Subway service resumed today…..See the CETW feed on our site and you’ll get regular updates on what is going on with travel and transit for NY.”

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  1. Lawrence Dvorchik Says:

    We are looking forward to a great show. Attendees continue to register, and NYC continues to recover at rapid, remarkable speed. Kudos to Governors, Cuomo, Christie and Malloy, along with Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama for their planning efforts and recovery methods. Keep up the good work!

  2. Jim Jones Says:

    Who mentioned that many were drinking Lawrence’s Kool Aid? I quote “The famed New York marathon slated for Sunday has been cancelled in the face of a rising death toll, crippled city infrastructure and widespread fuel shortages inflicted by Hurricane Sandy”


  3. lawrene dvorchik Says:


    That is correct, the marathon has been canceled, however it was more due to the fact that it was splintering NY’ers, not uniting them.

    NYC is making incredible strides, including 80% subway system up already today. I have been updating this info via twitter @ldvorchik on on the CETW website at http://www.ceworld.com

    Again, not Kool-Aid. 100% facts, coming from MTA, and the Governors Cuomo, Christie and Malloy, along with Mayor Bloomberg.

  4. lawrene dvorchik Says:

    NYC Update:

    • Full service restored from end to end on the 4, 5, 6 in Brooklyn, Manhattan & The Bronx
    • The 7 Line has been restored between Flushing-Main St & 42 St-Times Square
    • 80% of subway service operating today
    • The Staten Island Railway resumed limited hourly service at 10 a.m. today. It should be back up to full service by Monday morning rush.
    • The A train to resume across East River as of Monday AM rush
    • Newark and JFK airports operating at normal operations
    • LGA opened Thursday and will be at normal operations by the end of the week
    • Metro North (CT) and LIRR (Long Island service resumed last week and should be fully operational by Monday (MTA)
    • NYC Subways will be almost fully operational by Sunday (Cuomo)
    • Staten Island Ferry Resumed service Friday
    • Atlantic City Casinos reopened Friday (Christie)
    • West Village to have power by midnight Friday (Assemblywoman Deborah Glick)
    • Power will be restored to all Manhattan by Sunday (Bloomberg)
    • NYC from 40th street and above has been at full capacity since Wednesday, almost completely unaffected

    I have been updating the CETW twitter feed on the site and my personal one (@ldvorchik) with NYC updates (#NYC Update)

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