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How Time And Seasonality Impact Mobile Engagement

In its newly released October MobileSTAT Report, Boston-based targeted mobile advertising company Jumptap Inc. [1] reports that mobile engagement rates and mobile audience temperaments are greatly impacted by time of day and seasonality.

[2]Among other statistics, the report illustrates that mobile click-through rate builds throughout the holiday season and peaks on New Year’s Day at 37% over average click-through rates.

“Holidays usher in an influx of consumer excitement around new mobile devices, as well as more time spent indoors,” says Matt Duffy, vice-president of marketing, Jumptap. “By understanding and leveraging mobile consumer behavior during this time period, advertisers gain a leg up to maximize mobile campaign metrics. With mobile ad spend peaking in Q4, now is the time to ensure you’re implementing these optimization strategies.”

Additional October MobileSTAT Findings include:

MobileSTAT (Simple Targeting & Audience Trends) is a monthly glance into targeting and audience trends in mobile advertising through Jumptap’s network of over 30 billion impressions, 107 million U.S. users and 30,000 apps and websites. MobileSTAT contains analysis of dozens of terabytes of log data, powered by the scalable, efficient Jumptap technology. The Jumptap MobileSTAT reports mine large quantities of network data to identify targeting and audience trends. Jumptap uses proprietary algorithms to analyze and normalize this data.