Is It True That Only 1,045 People Visited #CETW?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We know that #CETW was beset with problems arising from Hurricane Sandy but is it correct that only 1,045 people attended as visitors?

2 Responses to “Is It True That Only 1,045 People Visited #CETW?”

  1. Ian D'Giff - Social Media Manager @ Apollo Displays Says:

    The entire area was completely devastated by Hurricane Sandy with half of the city closed for days. Can’t believe they even held the event – consider 1,000+ attendees a success. There are still tens of thousands of people here who are still waiting for their power to be restored more than 2 weeks after the storm – sections of Manhattan still remain dark.

  2. Clark Kent Says:


    I’m surprised that you found time to respond, given how much time you dedicate to spamming LinkedIn groups with sales drivel.

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