Pump TV Acquired By Val Doonican

Maddie Cotterill

Val Morgan now claims to have the biggest digital out of home network in Australia after buying Pump TV (which has 800 screens in 100 BP, Caltex and United Petroleum service stations across Australia).

The network, we are told, will be rolled into Val Morgan’s existing network of retail media, which currently covers shopping centres and cinema foyers.

Managing director of Val Morgan Retail Media, Anthony Deeble, was quoted as saying that acquisition is part of the company’s plans to expand into the outdoor digital space.

Also commenting on the acquisition, Val Morgan CEO, Damian Keogh said “We look forward to integrating the Pump TV network into our fast growing cinema and digital out of home business, it has both synergy with our existing digital out of home network and real potential for growth. Pump TV provides advertisers with an excellent strategic opportunity, the format is highly relevant for many brands and has developed strongly in both the US and UK markets, where it attracts a diverse and well established advertiser base”.

The acquisition likely gives Val Morgan the largest digital out of home presence in the Australian market, with almost 2,000 screens across shopping centres, cinema foyers and now service stations.

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  1. Kevin Shute Says:

    Val Doonican…love it.Was Mike Harding not interested?

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