Here’s How To ‘Step And Repeat’

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Our sponsors demanded it (well, okay, I am stretching the truth, as we sort of thought it would be a good idea anyway) and so guests at this Thursday evening’s DailyDOOH Gala Awards will be able to ‘Step and Repeat‘, just like the true celebrities that they are!

We figured it was called a ‘Paparrazzi Wall‘ until we Googled it, found out that it was properly called ‘Step and Repeat‘ and that the term originates from two sources: –

  1. The first is the action of having talent ‘step’ onto the red carpet, pose for the photographers and leave, while the next person follows and ‘repeats’ the process
  2. The second source originates from graphic designers that would create an image and repeat it in Photoshop

Bottom line then, it simply refers to a wall that has sponsors logos on it (in this case VUKUNET, Scala, DailyDOOH) for the purposes of capturing photos of guests!

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