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Mood Chops Muzak Jobs, Incl. President Steven Richards

Well, they have had jobs since the acquisition back in March, 2011 [1] but we hear that Muzak people, including the President Steven Richards [2] are now starting to be let go by Mood Media.


John Cullen as Locutus, the assimilated Steven Richards

Mood Media spokeswoman Danielle Wuschke was quoted as saying [4] on Friday “At this point we’re looking across all of the business broadly. As of today there were some redundancies that have been eliminated”.

And what a delightful turn of phrase Ms Wuschke has – I am sure that all of those who were made redundant will be pleased to know that that they are also to be ‘eliminated’.

John Cullen [5], the CEO of DMX Holdings, who were assimilated by Mood Media in March 2012 [6], will be taking over much of Richards’ former role as head of Muzak, we believe.