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Harris Sells Broadcast Division To Gores Group

Just announced, Harris’ Broadcast Communications Division is to be sold to The Gores Group for $225 Million [1]. As expected, the proposed sale includes the Digital Signage component [2] of Harris’ business.

[3]“The sale of Broadcast Communications reflects our strategy to optimize our business portfolio and focus on our core businesses,” said William M. Brown, president and chief executive officer of Harris.

Decoded, this sounds like Harris is divesting of their stake in the rapidly evolving media/broadcast field to focus on it’s communications equipment business in defense, transportation and intelligence verticals

The Gores Group [3] is the same entity that acquired ELO in June 2012 [4], creating an interesting yet far-fetched possibility (given the usual dynamics of cooperation amongst silos in large corporate entities) of connecting ELO’s expanding digital signage displays and players line-up with Harris’ Digital Signage [5] Software offering.