Following Up On LA’s Billboard Ban Ruling

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Well, it may well be that the ruling on the court case regarding Los Angeles billboards is not the end of the line.

Following the 2nd District Court of Appeal ruling the permits for 100 digital billboards put up in Los Angeles are invalid, we asked both CBS Outdoor and Clear Channel Outdoor for comments.

While we didn’t hear back from CBS Outdoor (granted, we asked late Friday), Jim Cullinan, vice-president and spokesman, Clear Channel Outdoor, got back to us quickly with a company statement.

It says: “We respectfully disagree with the court¹s ruling and are in the process of reviewing the court¹s complete opinion. While this legal process continues to move forward, Clear Channel Outdoor remains focused on delivering great advertising solutions for our customers and working with the city and community of Los Angeles.”

Two members of the current Los Angeles city council are now asking the city’s legal team to prepare a report about the potential economic ramifications for the city, as well as the likelihood of fresh lawsuits threatened by Clear Channel and CBS, and the possibility of issuing new, valid permits in place of the invalid permits.

At this point, Clear Channel and CBS basically still have a course of action left open to contest the ruling by taking it to the California Supreme Court, so the LA billboard saga promises to drag on well into 2013 or beyond.

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