Food Court Renovation Triggers Digital Signage Arms Race

Dmitry Sokolov

With QSR Digital Signage installations seemingly skyrocketing, few events trigger a flurry of localized installations like a renovation of a local mall or food court.

A great example of this, is shown below. It’s a photo gallery of a recent food court transformation of Toronto’s posh Yorkdale Mall…

While prior to the renovation, Booster Juice was the only tenant with a digital display, post-renovation it is hard to find a single stall in the food court without a display.

While it is clear that a direction to adopt digital was likely given to the tenants (as some of the brands don’t have any known installs of digital menus in other locations, or clearly any idea what to do with a digital menu), each install was handled by the individual tenant – leading to a few consumer-grade hang-and-bang outcomes!

Overall, a great improvement over the the non-digital status quo and expected to be the direction other malls will follow in the future.

Looking to 2013, with many global real estate operators investing millions to upgrade their properties in pursuit of key fashion tenants and retail real estate being hailed as a sound global investment, the opportunity for ‘digital uplifts’ in food courts and general retail spaces will grow throughout 2013.

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  1. Ian Dobson Says:

    Great to see..always thought this was eventually going to happen..and to think we at DAN Media and then Neo Advertising started it all:)…

    Happy holidays DOOH:)

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