P3 Global Management, Inc.

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Why the sudden interest in Digital Out of Home from New York based P3 Global Management, Inc. then?

Industry: Investment Banking

Founded: 2012

Website: http://www.p3globalmanagement.com

About P3 Global Management, Inc.

P3 Global Management is in the business of enhancing cities through continuous innovation. We acquire and manage non-core municipal media and technology infrastructure assets (i.e. bus and rail transit, street furniture, parking, real estate, etc.), with a focus on the implementation/deployment of solar technology, WIFI networks, digital signage, digital cameras, touch screens, electric charging stations and other leading edge technologies. Our approach is building long term, dedicated relationships with our clients including municipalities and municipal officials in the US as well as globally. We work with Operators of these non-core assets as well as technology companies to increase revenue to the Public Private Partnerships (P3s) we are developing. Unlike a corporate finance company (financing cash flows from these non-core assets) or a consulting firm (fee for services), our unique value proposition is to understand how to leverage these non-core assets to generate increased and/or new revenue streams over time in P3s while investing in the municipal infrastructure.

We ask in all sincerity. Would be nice if we could find a web site for them that worked (Google search has failed to find a good link thus far).

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