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Get Ready For The End Of The World

The Discovery Channel has been running a two day tactical campaign across all Outdoor Plus [1] digital screens in the UK to countdown ‘the end of the world’ as per the Maya calendar [2].


It’s an exclusive activity to the Outdoor Plus digital portfolio (The Eye in Holborn, Euston Road Underpass, The Spire on A40 Western Avenue, City of London Gateway and Vauxhall Cross) and promotes Discovery Channel’s current show ‘2012: Apocalypse’.

It has been showing a live countdown clock running down the hours until the assumed apocalypse.

The campaign is further brought to life, with the aid of actors who stand around the digital screens each dressed in a full Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) suit making gestures about the end of the world.

Grant Branfoot, Sales Director, Outdoor Plus told us “This is the perfect tactical campaign for digital outdoor and shows the true advantage which that can be bought for brands through using these premium sites in such a manner. The creative is changing regularly which brings it to life in a much greater way for the target audience, and provides much greater engagement”.

The campaign was booked by 7Stars through Kinetic. Let’s hope that they were all paid in advance then (just in case).