Have IZON Media Lost Sam’s Club?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Just a rumour at the moment but several people have told us that IZON Media (nee PRN of course) have lost a couple of accounts recently.

Sam’s Club is one and BJ’s was another that was mentioned in the same breath.

2 Responses to “Have IZON Media Lost Sam’s Club?”

  1. A Veteran Says:

    I heard that too – but wrt Sam’s what they lost was the technology and ops piece. BJ’s was a poor stop gap solution in the first place. That would not surprise me. They may be still selling Sam’s ad inventory, but the deals are more 360 degree Sam’s advertising driven by Sam’s. And what will happen with Walmart this year?? No wonder the Retail is gone as well as the Premier. One poor decision after another. Don’t believe there is actually anyone left there anymore who has ever managed a retail relationship.

  2. A Veteran Says:

    Now even more interesting is the news today from SuperValu on the sale of their former Albertsons store acquisition to Cerberus. This also certainly has an impact on IZON as the stores that are being let go are the ones that have their screens. May be another potential retail loss.

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