MediaSignage First To Adopt Intel’s NUC?

Dmitry Sokolov

Intel NUC 470

From their latest eblast campaign it appears that (a ‘well-promoted’ freemium digital signage vendor out of California, USA) is one of the first digital signage vendors to adopt and aggressively promote Intel’s Next Unit of Computing platform for use in digital signage. MediaBOX-200 MediaBOX-200

Compare above from Intel’s site with the picture on the right from’s most recent eblast.

They clearly illustrate the relationship between the dubbed MediaBOX-200 and the NUC?

Take a look also at our initial initial take on NUC from back in May 2012.

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  1. Eric Says:

    We’re using it too. Its a nice unit and we were quite satisfied with the performance.

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