Intel’s Deal With Ryarc Upsets The Industry

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

“Has Intel Been Buying Ryarc IP?” we wrote in a short post back in October 2012 and it seems we were probably correct.

Latest rumour is actually more of a fact (or series of facts)…

  • the Intel-Ryarc partnership is a done deal
  • it is indeed an IP acquisition, where the software has been licensed to Intel
  • Ryarc remains as a standalone company and is free to do what they want with their CMS, whilst Intel gets access to the source code and is also free to do what they want with the IP

It’s all rather strange. Intel is making weird decisions and / or is getting incredibly bad advice.

If you are surprised that nothing has been officially announced yet, don’t be – it’s typical Intel and it’s not likely either that they are keeping any announcements for next week’s #NRF.

4 Responses to “Intel’s Deal With Ryarc Upsets The Industry”

  1. Austin Powers Says:

    If Intel were foolish enough to go down this path, it would certainly be the opening shots of a war that shifts the mainsteam of the DS markeplace from Intel based products to ARM.

    Intel, don’t compete with your customers or you will find that they are no longer customers.

  2. Mac Haroon Says:

    Given Intel’s great success at managing the CognoVision software IP, one can expect this deal to follow a similar (ry) arc. This deal is like thawing Disney’s head and expecting a new theme park to appear.

  3. Jo Fritzl Says:

    The sow that eats its farrow!

  4. Digital Signage Blog | Groundhog Day Says:

    […] line of reasoning probably won’t work. If Intel is bringing something to market based upon their unconfirmed IP deal with Ryarc, then we cannot expect it to be innovative, new or differentiated. There are hundreds of […]

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