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The MegaPixel Summit And MegaPixel Content

Exactly a week today I will already have taken the very early flight from Cardiff International Airport [1] to Amsterdam and be sitting in the RAI’s Amsterdam Congress Centre (First Floor / Room G102) waiting for the first ever #ISE2013 MegaPixel Summit to kick off.

Whilst I have a slight reservation that during the day there might not be enough conversation with regard to content or shape (two things that I happen to be passionate about), there is a really good cross section of people giving talks on their and their company’s perspectives (and contributions to the development) of ‘MegaPixel’ displays.

As a creative content development agency, we’ve had a lot of experience with large displays: –

Bottom line then, we have literally thrown millions and millions of pixels at screens over the past few years and we know from experience that there are always technical challenges in doing so. I’m really hoping that the speakers talk about the issues inherent in putting large numbers of pixels on screens from a content perspective.

I’m also hoping that they talk about shape. DailyDOOH editor-in-chief Adrian Cotterill coined the phrase ‘Shape is the New King‘ back in 2008 and the one thing in common perhaps with all the speakers lined up at the summit is that their solutions free us from the constraints of having to solely build content for traditional 1920 x 1080 resolution displays.

If the speakers do talk about shape then I am hoping that they remember (as project owners need to) that content needs and relevancy dictate the final shape.

So, re-reading the MegaPixel Summit agenda [4], this event looks like an interesting way to start #ISE2013 and a timely subject to boot as well.

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