Pixels Everywhere, Giant Video Walls, Bluebooks & More

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Whether or not you are attending the MegaPixel Summit next Monday at #ISE2013, and judging by the response from our posts (summarised below for handy reference), quite a lot of you are attending, then if the subject matter of big video walls / pixels everywhere / every surface a screen interests you then there are two other things that we have been intimately involved with that you should (a) get your hands on and (b) go to see.

The first MicroTiles Bluebook, reviewed here by Amigo Digital’s Alex Hughes will be available as a PDF at the show, we are told, on a stunning USB key. Go see Christie folks in Hall 1 Stands H40, H46, H50 to get your hands on one. This details in the most amazing detail how we used Scala, Vista Spyder, Microtiles, real time feeds and some stunning content and amazing visuals to make an impact in the reception area of The London Stock Exchange. I co-wrote it (with our technical director Andrew Neale) so forgive the superlatives but it’s an incredible recipe book / manual for anyone wishing to build a similar system (it’s not a case study and not full of marketing fluff).

Die Pixel-Maschine is the mysterious thing we have been building in an empty warehouse these past few weeks in Köln, Germany. We think it takes video walls and especially content produced for same, to a whole new level. Of course, we would say that but if giant video walls, this one is 8 meters wide by 5 metres tall and runs at 13,000 x 5,550 resolution, rock your boat then we urge you to come take a look and talk to us about it. It’s on NEC Display Solutions’ booth in Hall 4 Stand R24.

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