Agency 225 Accelerates Growth Of POS Networks

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Denver, Colorado-based Agency 225 LLC, digital out-of-home network operator, has secured agreements with two unnamed major retailers, allowing it to expand by more than 300 locations within the year – including launching a new network.

agency225_logoAgency 225 focuses on operating in-store networks at the point-of-sale, with the primary goal being sales lift for the retailer. The company produces original content as well as acquires and licenses third party content for each of its networks.

“We have an award-winning team with years of advertising experience with major brands and retailers, and we are bringing this expertise to the in-store environment, even for the small retailers in the verticals we are targeting,” says Gary Halpin, managing member of Agency 225.

Agency 225’s subscription-based service combines managed services and content delivery with localized control, creating a powerful environmental merchandising tool. Subscriber locations are able to choose from a wide variety of programming that is sourced and managed centrally by Agency 225. In addition, the Program Management Portal provides templates, content packages, and other features that allow the store owner/manager to customize messages and content specific to their location.

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