The AT&T And STRATACACHE Advantage

Chris Sheldrake

They say it takes as much effort to sell a dozen of something as it does 100,000 and it has always surprised us that not more signage vendors have ever managed to do deals with the large Telco’s.

In our industry STRATACACHE seem to have got it right winning against Cisco time and time again in both the US and Canada and there are also strong rumours that they have closed a big Telco deal in Europe as well.

Anyway, when you win those deals you have got to work them BUT when the ‘mother-ship’ itself shows you love, attention to detail and enthusiasm like this you know you may well be onto a winner.

Check out

AT&T, a premier leader in network communication services is collaborating with STRATACACHE, a global leader in the digital signage marketplace. This synergistic relationship provides retailers and financial institutions with state-of-the-art digital signage networks, enabling them to enhance the customer experience and increase brand awareness while driving increased sales.

With award-winning AT&T Digital SignageSM, implementing an end-to-end digital signage network has never been easier. Businesses can deliver high-impact digital media to hundreds or even thousands of displays across the highly distributed enterprise with content ranging from product spotlights and brand promotion to targeted multilingual video, text, audio, or Web content. All designed to promote products non-stop.

We are expecting a couple of announcements from AT&T at DSE with regard new digital signage rollouts

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