Zoom Companies Get A Bold New Look

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Montreal-based Zoom Media – along with Zoom Media & Marketing (US) and Zoom Media UK – have all unveiled a crisp new look and feel.

Logo  both for Canada and the U.K.

Logo for both Canada and the U.K.

The branding strategy is all-encompassing, including the creation of brand new logos, reinvented and upgraded websites with cutting-edge design and navigation systems, and completely transformed and rejuvenated materials.

Zoom Media’s vision for the new website was to create a fresher and more current window into the vibrant centre of what is believed to be Canada’s largest indoor media company. The new website (both in English and in French) is informative, engaging and easier to navigate. With its responsive design, the website is now compatible for multi-platform viewing from all mobile devices, screens and tablets.

Further, the site aims to inform and connect with agencies and clients, offering glimpses into Zoom Media’s identity and culture. A live twitter feed is featured on the landing page for visitors to follow Zoom trends and activities in real time and can be viewed directly on the website.

Logo for the U.S.

Logo for the U.S.

The updated Zoom Media logo is a bold evolution from the former logo, created over 20 years ago to reflect the company’s genesis from its Classic frame. While the Classic board remains one of Zoom Media’s core assets, the company has since diversified its portfolio and offers an array of digital networks and products as well as media integration in multiple environments. To symbolize this evolution, the new logo is “unbound” and frameless.

“Following our 20th anniversary, it was the opportune time to invest in a new branding strategy,” says Gabriel Landry, vice-president, creative and production of Zoom Media. “Zoom Media offers so much more than it once did. With the advancement of technology, the possibilities are endless. Breaking from the frame with our new logo signifies not only the evolution of our products, but that there are no boundaries for what’s in store for the years ahead.”

Similarly, the company has followed suit with its US and UK arms. The US company was established in 1998 and the UK company in 2008 and it was only sensible to update these related companies, as well.

“I want to congratulate Gabriel and the team on bringing us into the next phase of our evolution,” says François de Gaspé Beaubien, Zoom’s chairman and chief coaching officer. “Zoom Media is truly unleashed.”

We’ve been told to watch for upcoming surprises as Zoom Media shares the excitement of this rebranding initiative with agencies, friends and clients over the next few weeks.

Zoom Media is a subsidiary of Zoom Media Group Inc. Overall, through all of its subsidiaries Zoom Media Group Inc. owns and operates over 80,000 billboards in the digital place-based media sector across North America and Europe, of which more than 26,000 are digital. It reaches target audiences mainly through resto-bars, college and university campuses, and fitness centers.

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