#dse2013 iBoot Cloud Service Booth #1451

Andrew Neale

Dataprobe, a leading provider of customizable power and network management solutions, last week announced iBoot Cloud Service (iBCS). This is a web-based portal that enables customers to access iBoot power control devices from any location, providing significantly more flexibility and minimizing the duration and high cost of network downtime.

logo dataprobeThe current iBoot is manageable via web browser, and the new cloud version will add increased control options.

David Weiss, President of Dataprobe told us “The launch of iBCS underscores our commitment to improve the reliability of every network we touch.”

He continued “For our digital signage customers, downtime significantly impacts their bottom line. If they can’t fulfill service agreements, they face loss of revenue and may need to pay for expensive service calls just to reboot a crashed device. iBCS gives them the ability to reboot and restore network availability from anywhere in the world, regardless of whether they’re sitting next to their office computer.”

The service will initially be offered via web access, and the company expects to offer mobile iBCS access through iOS and Android applications later in 2013.

Dataprobe will demo iBoot® Cloud Service for the first time at #dse2013 on booth 1451.

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