Exclusive Bank Marketing Research to be Unveiled at Screen Expo

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We think this has been sponsored by John Ryan so just a heads up if the research says lots of nice things about them 🙂

Actually we doubt it will (though there are lots of nice things to say about their work in the Retail Banking sector), it’s just that stuff from the Platt Research Institute is often (okay, always) good, independent and impartial.

Not sure why they needed to describe it as a DCN – an already divisive industry does not need any more acronyms surely?

First global presentation of detailed research into the impact of a Digital Communications Network at a financial institution, with broad ramifications for the service environment

London, UK, 10 January 2008 – Research findings from a cutting-edge report into a bank branch Digital Communications Network (DCN) will be revealed for the first time anywhere in the world at Screen Expo Europe 2008. A unique, first viewing presentation will be delivered in The Club Room, Gallery Level, on 5 February, 2pm – 3.30pm, by the Platt Retail Institute, global expert in research and consulting to retailers, media companies, hardware, software, transmission and other stakeholders in the DCN industry.

“The retail banking and financial services sector is currently the most active industry segment of digital signage adoption on a global basis,” said Steven Keith Platt, Director and Research Fellow, Platt Retail Institute. “In an extremely competitive business environment, banks, building societies, post offices, brokers and mortgage lenders are continuously challenged to develop impactful marketing activities to ensure new customer acquisition and to sell additional, higher margin products or services in their branches. A DCN is increasingly becoming an accepted medium through which they can communicate their marketing messages and promotions.”

In consideration of the market opportunity for DCN’s at retail banks, and the need for objective research detailing their effectiveness, the Platt Retail Institute executed an extensive test of a bank DCN. Key considerations include the impact on the customer experience, brand perception, branch productivity enhancements and revenue generation. The facts and figures will be presented by Mr. Platt who will be joined by a distinguished panel of industry experts for a panel question and answer session. These include: Richard Barnes, Editor-in-Chief of Cleverdis, Gerard Bucas, CEO of Scala, Rick Engels, President and CEO of BroadSign and Candace Helgerson, Director of Digital Programs at Harris Corporation.

The panel is a bit weird – Yes to ALL of them having something to say about retail banking but no John Ryan and no Cisco – two of the (probable) biggest players not represented. Surely not?

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