What’s Astral up To This Time?

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We’re expecting big things from Astral Media Outdoor next week.

While the Montreal-based company is keeping developments close to its chest, it has booked no less a venue than the Bell Centre (home rink of the Montreal Canadiens hockey club and major concert site) Feb. 10, to unveil what it claims is the launch of a ‘spectacular and innovative new product that promises to drive greater creativity in outdoor advertising, while having a significant community aspect.

It also will unveil a new outdoor ad network associated with a product ‘that will have a major impact on Montrealers’ lifestyles starting in spring, 2009’. (We believe that involves a different product.)

We are assured that digital is involved in the new product launch. Hmmm!

Astral has developed many new, innovative OOH products in the past, and in Sept., 2007, pulled in a 20-year contract to provide all of Toronto’s street furniture. At the time, a company spokesperson said that the street furniture (we’re talking 27,000 pieces) wouldn’t involve digital because of Canada’s cold and snowy weather.

But we can’t help but wonder: has that plan changed, or has Astral come up with something totally new in the world of DOOH? It must be large-sized for such a launch venue.

Guess we’ll know on Tuesday

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