NomadiX Walked The Floor At #dse2013

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Wandering around #dse2013 last week, it was difficult to miss the new NomadiX i-Walker – their “brand ambassadors” were present to greet you at the entrance and were diligently walking the floor of the hall.


I’m not a great fan of mobile screens, even though I can well appreciate their value for street marketing. However, a couple of things did impress me about this new version:

  • the in-built facial recognition system from Quividi (chosen over that from Intel because of its greater flexibility, we are told)
  • the three-hour battery life (certainly longer than any poor student recruited to carry the thing could stand on his or her feet for)
  • the ergonomically-designed frame, taking the weight off the wearer’s shoulders and transferring it to the hips

The company is proud of its Generation 4 over-head screens which combine an advanced overhead screen elevated from a lightweight and secure exoskeleton frame. The anti-glare and shower proof LED overhead screen is elevated from a patent protected wearable exoskeleton or ‘Bodyfix’ frame. The frame has been specifically designed and engineered to avoid the dangers of the screen tipping over when leaning or bending to communicate with people, or wobbling when walking. They claim that you could even jog with NomadiX!

Equipped with integrated stereo sound systems, the overhead screen is worn by trained brand ambassadors that maximise human interaction and facilitate the delivery of information and film based content.

Nomadix’ activities offer fully quantifiable and measurable results and provide bespoke reporting to the client’s requirement. All campaigns are supported by a detailed report, which includes:

  • Number of impressions gained. Number of interactions received/samples distributed (if applicable)
  • Consumer data & profile breakdown
  • Campaign tracking and time line for locations covered
  • Campaign photographs/video (if applicable)
  • Real time quantitative and qualitative data on the live audience
  • Mobile content – handset data for reached and accepted transfer (if applicable)
  • Pushed Bluetooth content – number / type of handset received, …location and retention
  • Full campaign statistics: audience is monitored and reported by gender, age group, time spent looking at the media.

The company’s aim at #dse2013 was to attract distributors and resellers for North America. Every time that I walked past their stand, it looked incredibly busy, so I expect that they’ll have some juicy contracts to announce soon!

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  1. Pierre-Antoine Decoux Says:

    Great article from Russ and good summary of the product and its features and benefits. May i had that in addition to automated audience measurement, the iWalker has all the features a traditional digital signage platform has to offer, including content creation and management, contents distribution and scheduling, playback, monitoring and reporting functions.
    After DSE2013, NomadiX team is really excited about new contacts made and distribution in North/South America.

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