OVAB Adds Two New Members

Chris Sheldrake

OVAB Europe has been a little quietly recently, though we believe there may well be a big joint OVAB ‘conflab’ sometime soon in New York but good to see that OVAB on the whole continues to make progress and attract quality new members, this time around; ADCENTRICITY and Ecast.

Both companies of course join a growing roster of leading digital and video out of home networks committed to the advancement of the industry.

We have covered Ecast a number of times of course. They describe themselves best as “a leader in place-based interactive media with a hospitality network that delivers digital music, games, entertainment, information and interactive advertising to more” They have something like 10,000 bars and nightclubs across the United States.

ADCENTRICITY is North America’s largest planner and aggregator of digital out-of-home media.

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