Avnet: Digital Signage Made ‘Competitive’

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Avnet are fast joining the growing list of folks who seemingly want to compete against their own customers. We note in a mass email ‘Digital Signage Made Easy’ sent out by those who also hawk PizzaMarketplace.com that they seem to be happy to be a distributor now in direct competition with those they pretend to befriend…

As the global leader in technology distribution , Avnet has the unique ability to collaborate with its customers and suppliers to create and deliver digital signage solutions that address the business needs of their end-user customers locally and around the world.

By partnering with Avnet, you gain the strategic guidance, business-building resources and targeted services required to quickly and profitably grow your digital signage business and accelerate success.

All in One Place

Avnet’s long-term direct relationships with the industry’s key players such as Samsung, NEC, Planar, Intel and Microsoft go unmatched. In addition to sourcing your hardware, the global scale of Avnet allows us to provide services such as site surveys, installation, wireless data, hosting, financing, asset recovery/disposal and more!

Interested in Learning More? Click here to download a case study on how Avnet helped Subway use digital signage to increase sales and improve customer experience.

Read more about Avnet services available at BrilliantDigitalSignage.com

With an experienced, dedicated team of Digital Signage Solution Architects, no other distributor is better prepared to make your idea a reality. Send a note to BrillianDS@avnet.com and request a meeting today!

Interesting it is that, we quote from above, “how Avnet helped Subway use digital signage to increase sales and improve customer experience” and no mention of Real Digital Media, the folks we assume, who are really behind it.

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