Branded Fixture Opportunity (Lightboxes)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Lightbox Simulation Liberty Travel

Although this looks like a traditional ‘Lightbox” it is in fact a series of 4 small landscape LCD displays.

It’s from EnQii / Digital View Media’s Liberty Travel network that we wrote about last year and they tell me that this system (using one of their CentrePoint boxes) is capable of ‘synchronised’ content – so for example, in this travel agent installation they have a cruise liner moving across all 4 boxes from left to right – how cool is that?

Wherever you see a traditional Lightbox, we see an opportunity for a digital signage ‘branded fixture’ !!!

Definitions of lightbox on the Web:

A slim box with a large white panel on one side. Inside there are bulbs/tubes which light the panel giving a nice even illumination. …

An enclosure containing white-light balanced fluorescent tubes behind a flat translucent glass or plastic surface on which transparencies or negatives are laid in order to view them. …

In advertising , a lightbox is an accepted term in the advertising industry for an illuminated point of sale display. Generally, a light box uses fluorescent tubes to illuminate a poster inserted into the light box from either the side or rear, in a similar manner to a photographer’s light box. (advertising)

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