Netpulse And Zoom/ClubCom In Exclusive Strategic Alliance

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The world’s largest fitness digital media company, Zoom Media Group Inc. (including its digital operating division ClubCom) today announced an exclusive long-term strategic alliance with Netpulse, one of the leading interactive personal media network and workout tracking platform for the fitness industry.

The alliance establishes an extensive global fitness media network combining Netpulse’s interactive technology, embedded in the cardio products of nearly every major fitness equipment manufacturer, with ClubCom’s partnerships with over 4000 of the leading health clubs worldwide.

Let’s get this in perspective, this is huge good news for Zoom. Bottom line by being the exclusive sales and marketing arm for Netpulse (which is what it really is), Zoom will now be able to sell advertising opportunities on fitness cardio machines (the ‘personal viewing screen’ if you like), from ‘pre-roll’ to interstitials, to IAB banner advertising, all ‘one on one’ interactive.

I cannot think of another network that can finally offer a complete and immersive 360 experience like this anywhere else – this one is in gyms of course – sight, sound and Motion in an ambient network, including digital signage, static billboards, ‘one on one’ interactive on cardio personal viewing screens, as well as sampling and experiential opportunities.

Through this long-term exclusive partnership, the companies will work together to integrate ClubCom’s digital overhead media platform with Netpulse’s personalized media platform.

  • ClubClub provides fitness facilities with private-label media networks delivering entertainment, educational and promotional content
  • The Netpulse personalized platform provides exercisers with on-demand content to keep workouts engaging, and its new NetpulseOne web and mobile platform keeps members connected both in and out of the club

The companies will jointly promote the integrated solution to the fitness industry with Zoom serving as the exclusive advertising sales representative.

Bryan Arp, CEO of Netpulse told us “Zoom’s ClubCom division is the dominant digital media platform for the fitness industry across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany”.

“The integration of programming solutions across the ClubCom and Netpulse networks will bring incredible value to our fitness equipment partners, health clubs, and exercisers”.

Tom Lapcevic, President of ClubCom was, like us, upbeat on the uniqueness of it all and said “Netpulse has revolutionized the member experience on cardio equipment,” states “Our combined efforts will enable the delivery of venue-specific programming to every digital touch point in the facility, including overhead music, digital signage networks, personal cardio screens as well as the NetpulseOne web and mobile platform. There will be nothing else like it in the digital place-based industry, let alone the fitness industry”.

François de Gaspé Beaubien, CEO of Zoom added “We are thrilled to provide our advertising partners an unprecedented integration of digital media offerings which engage the highly coveted health club audience. By capturing every media touch point in a venue, we’ll allow advertisers to build rich narratives with members as they move through their fitness experience; from overhead TV spots, to digital signage, static billboards, on-demand personal viewing screens, mobile media and event marketing we are now offering a full 360 consumer immersion”.

Netpulse is headquartered in San Francisco and is a media and data services company focused on delivering dynamic, interactive products and experiences to active-lifestyle consumers Netpulse delivers a personalized media experience that makes exercising more enjoyable and rewarding. Netpulse media products, which are available through exercise equipment in fitness centers and through mobile applications, provide advertisers with direct one-on-one access to a highly engaged audience that is difficult to reach through traditional media. Netpulse investors include August Capital, Javelin Venture Partners, DFJ Frontier and Parkview Ventures.

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