RNIN Hits New 52 week Low At $1.50

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We note that Wireless Ronin’s stock price hit a new 52 week low in interday trading yesterday – closing as it did at USD 1.50.

rnin new low

Their market capitalisation is now down to USD 7.5 million.

One Response to “RNIN Hits New 52 week Low At $1.50”

  1. Burton Malkiel Says:

    There is no recovering for this hot mess. Massive brain drain, havoc in engineering, no real prospects. Even the die hard pump-and-dump plants on the Yahoo message board are losing their false enthusiasm. Betting it all on Samsung SoC will be the final straw. Even though it requires little if any engineering skill to display a web page, wait for the day (and it is coming) when Samsung repositions MagicInfo and shuts out their “partners”. Bet on it. Ronin should do what any honourable samurai would do in this situation: hara kiri.

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