#2013SignExpo Designers Getting Into The Act

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We ran into Clive Roux, CEO of the Society for Environmental Graphic Design, over a quick lunch at 2013SignExpo and asked what his interest was in this show, since we haven’t noticed any great influx of designers trotting out their interest and talents at other shows we cover extensively.

IFHowever, it seems that the design community has taken the message to heart that ‘Content is King’, that great content can be a moneymaker for digital signage, and there’s a new market brewing for digital signage in the extensive sign community.

“There are 14,000 people looking at how designers can collaborate with the International Sign Association,”
said Roux. “Some sign people don’t see a role for content providers. And some people see it as gimmicky. We’re here to see how we can be involved and provide educational content.”

We also noted that ISA offered a full day of educational courses for designers during the show. Overall, I’d say it was a smart move!

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