Amscreen To Use @Quividi Across 6,000+ Screens

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

A collaboration between Amscreen and Quividi, will see Amscreen’s 6000+ screens use Quividi’s face tracking technology across their broad portfolio of advertising-supported networks and become the first media owner to adopt this technology on a very large scale in Europe.


A couple of things to note…

  • Amscreen will argue that they now have ‘the most accountable outdoor measurement system ever‘. They probably wouldn’t be wrong.
  • New Amscreen installs will have a new LCD panel (see pic above). Note that they have finally lost the ugly LED at the top
  • Quividi, the early pioneer of this technology, were chosen as the supplier and we understand that Amscreen looked at all the solutions on the market. It wasn’t a deal done with any of the wannabes in this market place (many of course who have come and gone, see list here). It was a deal likely not based on cheapest price (that in itself is something of a sea change for Amscreen) but on the best technology and it was a deal that not even Intel /Cognovision could win. Read into that, what you will in terms of who has the best face tracking technology out there
  • Ocean Outdoor are starting to do something similar with Quividi, and whilst not on the scale of 1,000’s screens, it should be noted that Ocean too are wanting to equip EVERY pedestrian FMV billboard in their network with Quividi product. In fact, Adrian Exton, Director of Quividi partner BlueSight Systems Ltd. is talking at our next Thought Leadership Summit in London on Thursday 16th May, ‘Billboard And Video Wall Audience Measurement‘ about the Ocean Labs initiative including ‘Look Out’, which is based on Quividi’s VidiReports and is used to analyse viewer demographics and to trigger the display of content relevant to that audience.
  • Lastly, we’d repeat what we said back in August 2012, “Sorry @IntelAIMSuite, @Quividi Are The Market Leaders”, see here and of course above

Amscreen will be working with Quividi over the coming months to rollout this solution across their networks: this will provide advertisers with an unparalleled level of detail on the actual audience delivered during their campaign.

Amscreen CEO Simon Sugar told us “It is time for a step-change in the Outdoor world … We are all aware that the media industry as a whole is moving more and more towards real-time planning and audience measurement and away from traditionally modelled audience metrics hence we are now placing significant investment and resource on delivering this kind of depth of insight. Through access to extensive site and audience data from our network partners and our own detailed research studies, we already have actual audience data by screen by hour. Our investment in this technology will support and enrich this audience data as we continue to raise the bar in terms of accountability, compliance and transparency. Ultimately, our aim is to optimise our advertiser’s campaigns, reduce wastage and in-turn help to shed the image that Outdoor cannot be ultimately measurable and transparent. We’re now single-mindedly focused on helping the industry deliver the type of insight that only online has previously been able to achieve.”

Olivier Duizabo, CEO at Quividi said, “Amscreen is a leader in its field and a forward-thinking innovator. Their decision to standardise audience measurement on their networks with face detection technology is a great move for the ecosystem: digital out-home and digital place-based media will continue to grow faster as advertisers gain better understanding of their true return on investment. We are delighted to be working with them to bring this technology into the mass market. With ‘Measured by Quividi’™ tracking technology now present in their screens, they are able to offer a new level of measurement and trust, compared to some of the more antiquated techniques used by others. ”

Amscreen has been trialing this technology over the past 12 months. While Quividi is known as a technology leader in audience measurement, with the largest number of deployments in the field, Amscreen verified that Quividi offered the best performance and accuracy, as well as the key metrics that matter. This early trial phase has already helped optimize both screen position and content to drive maximum engagement.

The latest data shows 94% shoppers view the on screen content while in store which has been shown to be highest average conversion rate in the sector.

With Amscreen already in possession of extensive audience data (based on site specific transactions), including site by site and hour by hour audience insight and up to the minute play-out reporting, the addition of Quividi makes their offering even more accountable and flexible. The breakdown of data by gender, age, date, time and volume enables brands to pinpoint a target audience and talk directly to them.

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  1. Jacques Strap Says:

    Kudos to Amscreen for continuing to enhance its brand.

    If history is any predictor of the future, then we can expect Intel’s DOOH strategy to continue to focus on acquiring niche software and hitching its wagon to the Windows horse. If they are paying for consulting advice on these matters, they ought to demand a refund. If they are coming up with these ideas up on their own, they should consider a rehab programme.

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