SubWay Link Becomes Atmo Digital Media

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

SubWay Link. São Paolo, Brazil, hás changed its name to Atmo Digital Media.

atmo_logo-286x300After 22 years in the market, the company’s corporate TV, digital out-of-home media and audiovisual solutions for events, have gone through a restructuring process of the brand.

“The new brand represents a maturing of the company and synthesizes all of our evolution and growth over the years,” says Arnold Correia, a founding partner of the firm. “It is more modern and shows the diversity of languages and thoughts we have learned throughout our history and from our experiences.”

The need for change arose because the old brand did not follow the evolution of the business.

“The company went through a period of organic growth, then created new products, brought in market professionals, and made acquisitions that increased its portfolio and are now part of a new stage of expansion,” says Correia. “With all these developments, we feel that our image also evolved and needed a new symbol, a new identity, a new name. but with the same values and the same culture.“

With the positioning focused on ‘meeting the challenges of our customers’, the new brand aims to communicate the elements that the company already hás in the market: collaboration, confidence and ability to perform. The project was developed by The LED Project, which worked for almost a year with the team.

“Atmo works to develop a communication environment ideal for the brand of the customer,” says Rodrigo Conde, a partner at The LED Project. “The name refers to the atmosphere and what happens at that moment.”

The visual identity was inspired by the play symbol, a triangle pointing to the right, and the letter ‘a’. The colored geometric shapes also form a star.

“It’s a multi-brand, multi-faceted, suggesting movement and it has several meanings,” says Conde.

The change will be communicated in a print media campaign created by Moma Propaganda. The ads, versions of one and four pages, highlight the three divisions of the company.

Atmo is the market leader in the integrated audiovisual and TV corporate segment and a major player in DOOH media, being the largest network in terms of the number of monitors, with 18 000 screens spread across more than a thousand local and higher transaction DOOH media points-of-sale in Brazil. Among the company’s clients are Magazine Luiza, Walmart, and Ri Happy Pernambucanas. The company was founded in 1990 by Arnold Correia, current president of the Brazilian Association of Digital Out of Home Media (ABDOH) and Endeavor Entrepreneur.

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