Newly-Designed Real-Time Content 4 Digital Signage From @Seenspire

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Seenspire, a young start-up in Antwerp, Belgium, which has been developing custom tailored content for digital signage clients, has launched a syndicated content offering where flowing content ribbons and cubes replace boring tickers and stills.

seenspire_logoThe company, owned by co-founders Samuel Mekonen and Richard Buhn, is offering what its founders say is cost-effective editorial packages that rival broadcast TV.

Offering news, sports, entertainment and weather, Seenspire uses crisp, fully-scripted 3D motion graphics that build and change information on screens, which creates diversity for a playlist.

“It’s content the way a creative director does things, not how a programmer would do it,” says Mekonen.

Digital signage networks of all types – from ad-based to corporate networks – need to simply choose their preferred language (English, German, French, Spanish or Portuguese) and a variety of design styles and feeds from the Seenspire online marketplace, and then subscribe.

Network operators then load the content feeds on their digital signage content management platforms, and sit back as those files get automated information updates from Seenspire’s cloud-based servers. Seenspire can be added into an existing network with client content and/or advertising, or an advertising channel and/or other custom material can be added to build content to run along with the syndicated feed.

Content is available in three categories:

  • Daily News: Global, Sports, Entertainment, Technology and Health;
  • Infotainment: Sports Results, Local and National Weather, Financial Markets;
  • Did You Know: Horoscope, Trivia, Factoids, Famous Birthdays and Today In History.

“We see it a interesting for all types of clients: point-of-sale, point-of-waiting; point-of-transit,” says Mekonen.

The Seenspire team uses respected news gathering and information companies for its source content, and then runs them through the Seenspire production service to visually energize the presentations.

Every content feed has multiple variations on full-motion presentations, from a crisp minimalist design to cubes and flowing ribbons. The system gives auto-updating throughout the day and without operator intervention. Further, standard font, colour and overall design decisions ensure networks can use as many feeds as they need while maintaining a professional look;

Subscriptions are month-to-month, with no long-term agreements enforced.

“We think it’s not enough to just populate a digital signage network with simple feed,” says Buhn. “You need great, visually appealing creative to get people watching. That philosophy guides our designs and our service.”

Among clients, Seenspire is currently creating a tailored branded channel supported by syndicated content for Eindhoven Airport in Holland.

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