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Tablets The New Impulse Buy in Canada

Canadians do like those tablet screens: According to a new study by The NPD Group [1], Understanding the Canadian PC and Tablet Buyer. 37% of buyers now base their decision on personal needs with tablets leading the way in growth and doubling category sales since 2012.

Further, of tablet purchases, one in three is an impulse buy, compared to one in five for notebooks and one in four for desktops.

“Unlike buyers of desktops and notebooks, we’re seeing more spontaneous tablet purchases,” says Darrel Ryce, director, technology and entertainment at The NPD Group. “Shoppers are impressed not only by the technology, but also by the ease and mobility of these devices. Combine this with competitive pricing and it’s easy to understand why tablets are putting the pressure on the desktop and notebook segments.”

In contrast to the rise in the tablet category, sales for desktops and notebooks slumped in 2012, with desktops dropping 12% and notebooks falling 19% versus 2011. While not the primary decision factor, price continues to contribute to the growth of the tablet market. On average, Canadian buyers spend a total of $627 on tablets annually, including accessories for these devices. This overall spend is $300 less than what consumers spend on their notebooks and $500 less than on desktops.

“Tablets are being purchased as an additional device, not replacing the primary desktop or notebook, so they are bought more frequently,” says Ryce. “In particular, the desktop PC repurchase cycle is being extended. With an average of three computers in the home, Canadians are opting to wait longer to buy a new desktop now that they have multiple – and often more convenient – technology to work with.”