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Flag Flown For DOOH At Google Event By @Eyetease

Google ran an event earlier this week at Kings Place in London which was attended by 300 people from the advertising and media Industry.

Eyetease Google 1 [1]

Aside from two companies; Eyetease [2] (the iTaxiTop people) and WalkBase [3] (described as ‘next generation retail analytics’), the presentations were all conducted by senior people from Google.

The focus was very much Mobile and Online but we did enjoy the iTaxitop presentation.

Eyetease CEO, Richard Corbett did his part to wave the flag for the DOOH industry and here’s some of what he spoke about…

And of course, Richard would have been remiss if he hadn’t talked about his own product, the iTaxitop, and he stressed the potential ability to access “every street in every city” with the marrying of movement on taxis with digital signage, GPS and wireless connectivity.