Sticky: CARE Buys Saddle Ranch, Cohen Takes Over AMHN

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

phil_cohenWhen Phil Cohen makes a move, you can be sure it will be major and, with huge news coming from CARE Media Holding Corporation today, it is!

And, since Cohen, who is also chairman of the Digital Signage Federation, never does things in a small way, we won’t be at all surprised if there’s even more to come in the near future.

First of all: Care Media Holding Corporation is buying Saddle Ranch Productions where Kim Sarubbi, president, CEO, and former owner, steps up to become president and COO of Care Media Holdings and its three networks: Women’s HealthCARE TV, KidCARE TV and PetCARE TV.

Kim Sarubbi

Kim Sarubbi

Saddle Ranch has been providing content for Care Media Holdings three networks since 2005 but will also continue providing content for its other clients as well. Phil Cohen remains chairman of CARE Media Holdings

However, the mighty Phil Cohen himself takes on a new assignment, acquiring majority interest in American Minority Health Networks Inc., where he was already chairman and a minority shareholder. He adds CEO to his title and assumes control of the day-to-day operations as AMHN announces that it is launching both a Spanish Language Medical Network (SLMNTV) in doctors’ offices serving a primarily Spanish speaking audience, and a Native American Medical Network (NAMNTV) to service the medical facilities on over 500 Indian reservations. SLMNTV will roll out in about 60 days and NAMNTV at the beginning of 2014.

Shaneeka James

Shaneeka James

Shaneeka James stays on as President/COO of AMHN’s African American Medical Network (AAMNTV) and announces plans to expand from its current 300 office network to 1,000 over the next 12 months.

AMHN is a place-based provider of digital video education for medical practices primarily servicing minorities. AMHN is currently viewed in doctors’ offices nationwide by over 512,000 patients each month. Its screens are advertising-supported.

Cohen forecasts that AAMNTV will eventually grow to 3,000 locations; SLMNTV top 6,000; and NAMNTV to 500. SLMNTV screens will be advertising-based and NAMNTV subscriber-based.

Saddle Ranch is also expected to provide content for all the AMHN networks.

Care Media Holdings was founded in 2007 to incorporate PetCARE TV (founded in 1991), KidCARE TV (founded in 2003) and to launch Women’s HealthCARE TV which was done in 2007.

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