Giving Advertisers Access To The Collegiate Demographic

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

On Campus Media, a leader in Digital-Out-of-Home media and what is believed to be the largest targeted college-based TV network in the U.S., has teamed up with Campus Special, one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies three years running, to help small businesses reach the influential university demographic.

on_campus_logoBetween On Campus Media’s 1,000+ screens at more than 400 campus bookstores that reach more than 4 million students, and Campus Special’s network of 7 million college students in over 165 cities, the partnership will give local merchants an unparalleled way to get their message to college students.

Small businesses will be able to target regions, cities or specific campuses with coupons, deals, specials and contests. This partnership will prove especially fruitful to Campus Special’s 20,000+ clients, as they will now have access to students and alumni via digital signage at all of On Campus Media’s partner schools.

“This partnership between On Campus Media and Campus Special will allow local businesses to reach the elusive 18-24 year old demographic in high traffic areas they could not reach before,” says Chau Nguyen, Campus Special president and CEO. “Students are constantly shopping at their college bookstore, hanging out in coffee shops and dining in the union. This is a great opportunity for local businesses to build their brand awareness and get their message out to college students as they consume engaging content that is relevant to their lives.”

campus_special.com_logoRenee Ostrom, On Campus media strategic partnerships manager, says, “We liked Campus Special’s entire approach to connecting local advertisers to college students. For the first time, local advertisers will have the ability to keep their brand and message in front of college students throughout the year on our network. Like the national brands that currently advertise with us, local advertisers will now be able to associate themselves with our high quality, relevant digital content engaging college students on the campuses where they live, learn and relax.”

Starting with Back to School this fall, Campus Special will have branded local segments on select On Campus Network campuses. On Campus Media will also help promote Campus Special’s award-winning internship and job creation program.

Both On Campus Media and Campus Special are located in Los Angeles.

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