Samsung Not Dogfooding. Not Bright(Sign) Enuf?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Seems that not even Samsung are dumb enough to use their own Smart Signage Platform to power the video walls in premium Samsung concessions in various Curry’s electrical retail outlets in the UK.

BrightSign players power video walls at Samsung concessions in Curry's outlets

Each of the UK concessions features a 2×2 video wall of 46” Samsung professional LCD screens promoting tablets, TVs, phones, white goods and other Samsung products displayed in the concession AND the screens are driven by (wait for it, wait for it) BrightSign HD220 networked players.

The concessions are 10m x 10m units leased from Curry’s in prime locations throughout the UK.

The installation was commissioned by Cheil Worldwide on behalf of Samsung Electronics.

3 Responses to “Samsung Not Dogfooding. Not Bright(Sign) Enuf?”

  1. Cheukshin Says:

    Interesting how millions are poured into Dumb Signage, but even Samsung knows that it simply is not good enough for their own commercial use. If that is not instructive for potential buyers AND partners, then have your 10-year old figure it out for you.

    TAKE NOTICE PEOPLE! Their engineers and executives have traveled the globe in search of two things: intellectual property to purloin and software vendors to give them a veneer of legitimacy. They have been more successful at the latter, and are currently using the lemmings for two purposes, one of which is to completely disrupt the price-value equation of content management software so that they can compete (next year people, it is WRITTEN) with *every one* of their partners with a commercial version of MagicInfo. Their plan is 100% Machiavellian. It is a serious threat and it needs to be fully exposed, including how they have compromised “independent” voices in the industry with cash, among other sketchy acts. The truth will emerge, as Cheukshin will not rest until it does, and their bad behaviour is flushed out.

  2. Clinton Gallagher @virtualCableTV Says:

    Both Samsung and LG are attempting to impose the same busniness methods used by Digital Signage vendors when digital signage began to be taken seriously.

    The use of cripplware running on crippled hardware did not last long then and it will not last long now. Time is on our side.

    After 25+ years in the channel I can virtually guarantee that in due time one of the smaller electronic engineering firms in Korea will go rogue and start selling tuners on the open market much like Hauppage has done only not crippled as Hauppage has done.

    When that happens the entire notion of what a TV actually is will become perfectly clear as any of us will be able to build our own TV sets as white boxes exactly as it happened for the rest of the computing device markets.

    Is just a matter of time and time will not be kind to Samsung, LG, VIZIO or any other manufacturer of crippled product.

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