What’s Up With Digital 6-Sheets Then?

Chris Sheldrake

Last year we had digital 6-sheet manufacturers coming out of our ears and yet in our ISE debrief in the office just now we had to rack our brains to think of a vendor promoting them in Amsterdam.

BF Group managed to scramble onto the Harris stand, though that particular business combination made no sense whatsoever to us (a software provider ostensibly in the casino digital signage space with a albeit rather attractive pod from CBS Outdoor’s Westfield Mall).

In Amsterdam ONELAN had a very nice interactive poster on their stand but in terms of bespoke engineering manufacturers we have written about on these pages before, there was no Symbicon, no iBlink and no GDS as far as we could tell. Distec weren’t there either, preferring to attend the ISA International Sign Expo in Las Vegas the week before NAB in Vegas we believe. This was a real shame because ALL of these companies have some great innovations to demo to our world!

Anyway, on a positive note it’s great to see that Esprit Digital will once again be at Screen Media Expo Europe (what great supporters of this event they have been) AND nice also to see that BF Group will be there with their own stand this time around as well.

NEXCOM missed the chance to put a bus shelter at ISE but we are excited to say that there are rumours that the fantastic JCDecaux Goo The Egg interactive 6-sheet in bus shelter may make an appearance in London in April.

Let’s hope that some of the engineering folks pull their fingers out and exhibit – they all need to realise that without advertising and without marketing their sales job becomes a whole lot harder!

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  1. Murray Baker Says:

    From our experience over last year or two the LCD based six sheet became viable for early adopters, however the 80” LCD solution is still very expensive so customer demand is minimal. As a displays manufacture we have seen no real customer demand. Conversely we (Sonance /adseries.com) have produced some very nice (and low cost) LED based 6 sheet displays though demand has not been in Europe as yet.
    May be we should try and get one to Screen Expo! Any interest?

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