Yukon Landscape Aims To Entice Torontonians

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We are a little late learning about this – it happened in April – but were intrigued to see how Outside the Cube, the Agency of Record for Tourism Yukon, employed a unique marketing approach to break through the advertising clutter in Toronto.

“Toronto is a key market for Tourism Yukon but making an impact through all the noise can be a challenge, so rather than just telling Torontonians how great Yukon is, we wanted them to actually feel it,” says Dee Enright, president and CEO of the agency as well as lead strategist on the account. “We wanted to create an experience and have them share that experience. The kind of awe that we see when people come to visit.”

The agency decided that contrasting the pristine wilderness, northern lights, midnight sun, culture and iconic drives of Yukon to the urban soundscape of Toronto was the way to go. Using projection mapping that included film and sound, Outside the Cube worked with Media Merchants to secure high profile locations and develop stunning Yukon Portals that would transport people from their regular surroundings.

“We developed six videos, each of which represents a pillar of our Yukon tourism product,” says Enright. “They were about 40 seconds each so they only provided a small taste of what we have to offer. The portals were surrounded in a display of Northern Lights and included the sounds of paddling, dog teams, First Nations drumming and silence. They were a stark contrast to the street lights and sirens of Toronto. It was amazing to see people stop in their tracks, record the videos on their phones, take photos and share them. For that short time period we allowed them to feel what they could feel if they visited Yukon.”

The campaign ran for three consecutive nights in such high profile locations as outside the Air Canada Center before, during and after a Leafs game; on The Esplanade on a busy Friday night when a Blue Jays game was on and bars and restaurants were overflowing; and then on Saturday at the busy corner of Young and Gould. The locations were chosen based on research that indicated where the segment that Yukon Tourism targets spends their time, and which activities they enjoy.

The release of the video compilation that captured some of the reactions of passersby is being shared on Travel Yukon YouTube channel and on a number of platforms online.

Outside the Cube specializes in tourism, sport and innovation, with an international client base including the Caribbean, US and across Canada, with the head office in Whitehorse, Yukon territory.

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