Ayuda Announces Cerebro #OOHIgnite

Maddie Cotterill

Ayuda Media Systems, makers of the world’s most sophisticated media operations platform for Outdoor and D/OOH networks, has unveiled a revolutionary media planning and optimization tool specifically designed for Outdoor operators to maximize occupancy rates, during the planning, proposal, and booking phases of the media sales workflow.

Andreas Soupliotis speaking at the #NECshowcase

Andreas Soupliotis speaking at the #NECshowcase

Cerebro is a mathematical optimization engine that takes prioritized goal inputs such as reach, frequency, Target Rating Points, panel amount goals, and geographical location goals and delivers a plan that optimizes over those targets. Cerebro uses various mathematical optimization and meta heuristic techniques to combine these disparate goals and output an optimal plan.

Because the Cerebro planning optimization engine is exposed as web services, it can plug into any contemporary sales, proposal, or charting tool that is typically used today by the Outdoor operator, including homegrown software. It also seamlessly integrates with the Ayuda Platform, for those operators already using Ayuda to run their outdoor operations.

Andreas Soupliotis, CEO of Ayuda told us last week at the #NECshowcase “People have asked us why not just use the existing TAB web services to obtain TRPs and Reach and Frequency data. That’s fine, until you want to add geographical constraints or optimize over specific geographic coverage, in which case the mathematics quickly become non-linear and complex. You can use TAB web services to create a 200 TRP plan in a specific DMA, but what if you want those 200 TRPs to come from specific targeted locations? That’s quite difficult, which is why you need the brain of a media planner. Cerebro is the brain that automates this process, no matter how many plan objectives you throw at it, returning a media plan that optimizes over all of the potentially unlimited objectives you feed it. This non-linear optimization is the core of Cerebro’s power, and the math behind it is what Ayuda does so incredibly well. We recognize that not everyone in the outdoor community runs Ayuda’s line-of-business platform, and that they may already use their own proprietary systems for proposal generation, charting, POP and operations. So, by making Cerebro available as a set of web services separate from our core platform, we can help the entire industry maximize their occupancy rates while leveraging TAB OOH ratings, all proposed from their own available inventory. ”

Ayuda’s Cerebro is an algorithmic engine that ingests TAB audited audience data in real-time using the TAB’s web services. The data is then referenced against a set of objectives and parameters from the operator in order to create an optimized plan across all campaign goals. Cerebro inputs an unlimited number of parameters and objectives, including audience demographics, multiple specific geographic constraints, and the operator’s own business rules. Cerebro then outputs a set of candidate media plans that match the campaign objectives, ranked in order of maximum amount of objectives achieved, while also using the operator’s own business logic to ensure that the same “favorite” panels are not always selected. By crunching all these objectives against the operator’s own actual inventory while using their business rules as guidance, Cerebro assists the operator’s sales executives and chartists to propose and pick inventory that maximizes occupancy.

Cerebro is being unveiled this week and is available to any outdoor operator as web services that plug into the operator’s existing set of inventory management tools, or as an optional add-on to Ayuda’s own platform which manages all elements of the media sales, operations, and execution workflow.

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