Shanghai International Digital Signage Show Pay To Speak

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The 5th Shanghai International Digital Signage Show 2013 taking place, September 4 to 6, 2013 is on our Travelogue this year but we were a bit surprised to receive an invite to speak at the cost of USD 1500.

  • To be an Exhibitor:
    Standard Booth (9 sq.m., one side open): USD 4000
    Note: Standard & Corner Booths will be equipped with carpet, 1 table,
    2 chairs, 2 spotlights, 1 socket and 1 wastepaper basket.
    Raw Space (minimum 36 sq.m., only showing spaces without any
    facilities, booth design and decoration needed):
    USD 400/sq.m.
  • To be a Speaker: USD 1500

The price for exhibition space looks reasonable but exhibition organisers need to realise that pay-to-speak does not work when attempting to put together a world class conference or summit.

2 Responses to “Shanghai International Digital Signage Show Pay To Speak”

  1. Phil Austin Says:

    We should all chip and pay for you to speak as it would probably be worth the cash to watch the audience staring at you with open mouths wondering what you are saying. I travel to China every month and I am yet to meet anyone in the DS industry who actually speaks English so good luck with that one.
    Phil Austin

  2. iris Says:

    hi,Phil Austin,
    if you are available in coming Sep, warm welcome to visit shanghai DS show .

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