oOh! Media Converts To BroadSign

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

oOh! Media, Australia’s largest owner of digital out-of-home advertising environments, has completed the conversion of its digital signs to BroadSign International, LLC’s software, BroadSign X.

logo oohThe deployment represents over 500 screens in retail, as well as over 130 displays in airports, 120 pubs and bars, 100 screens in universities across Australia and New Zealand and all of oOh!’s digital billboards.

The company offers an arsenal of creative content strategies that are aimed at engaging consumers while away from home. Many campaigns can now allow viewers to interact with digital signs and make purchases using their mobile devices.

“Our strength is in engaging a connection between advertisers and their consumers using creative campaigns enabled by the latest DOOH media technology,” said John Purcell, Commercial Director of Operations and Business Systems at oOh! “BroadSign’s software allows us to combine pinpoint content targeting with a massive scale of campaigns in a very efficient way,”

oOh!’s digital formats and various locations reach more than 100 million travellers each year and over 11 million shoppers each fortnight. Advertisers such as Volkswagen, Coca Cola, Kraft and the Australian Government are among the network’s regular clients.

About oOh!

oOh! specialises in providing clients with creative media solutions to connect with more consumers while they are away from home. We do this through our diverse product offerings across road, retail, airport, experiential and place based media throughout urban and regional Australia and OOH businesses in New Zealand and Indonesia. The company also offers the largest digital advertising network in Australia.

3 Responses to “oOh! Media Converts To BroadSign”

  1. Eric Says:

    What were the digital signs using?

  2. Jose Avalon Says:

    It was Ryarc

  3. John Purcell Says:

    Hi Eric

    We were previously using Ryarc, CoolSign, Visiconn and some propriety software across the various networks.

    All are great systems and served us well however we had some special requirements and BroadSign was a perfect match without requiring any additional development to implement.


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