Klocktornet AB becomes DISE International AB

Andrew Neale

The Swedish digital signage software company Klocktornet AB announced its change of business name this week to DISE International AB – something we have long suggested they do, Ed.

Business facts

New name: DISE International AB

Former name: Klocktornet AB

Date of name change: 2013-05-24

Head Office: DISE International AB, Nygatan 17, SE-652 20 Karlstad, Sweden

We quote their press release “DISE is a brand name under DISE International AB and is a versatile digital signage platform that is used for digital signage and digital communication. DISE software is well recognized among customers for high reliability, good quality and a broad function capacity which make the software competitive in several business segments.”

You can visit www.diseinternational.com for more information.

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